WDIV Televison Report on Geese Control

A recent WDIV report explains alternate plans to control geese in Waterford Township, Michigan. Residents were seeking permission to use fireworks to control geese. Near the end of the video, the soccer field are shown as an example of how our natural oil based product can help control geese without and harmful effects.

My Geese Are Gone!

My geese are gone!

 From: Cindy R (XXXXXXX@gmail.com)

To: dlmutton@yahoo.com

Date: Thursday, April 21, 2022, 12:10 AM EDT


Hi Dan.

  I wanted to thank you for selling such a great product! I usually have about 400-1000 geese stopping at my 3 acre pond from March through April and again in September and October. A couple of pairs will stay all summer and raise their young, then take off with the flock in the fall. They are very entertaining to watch. Unfortunately, the mess they make around the pond, in my backyard and down my driveway is disgusting! I can’t enjoy walking out back, mowing, bonfires, or taking my dog out.

  For the past 34 years it has been an on again off again relationship with the geese. Some years they behave and stay on the other side of the pond and life is good. But when they take over and decide to use their squatter’s rights, it is miserable! I have spent a lot of time and money on numerous methods to make it uninviting for the geese. Most of the time the methods only partially worked, if that.

  This year I decided to try the Ultra Concentrated Goose Control. I waited for a calm, warm, sunny day. I filled up my 2 gallon pump sprayer, hopped on my 4 wheeler and followed your directions for applying the Concentrate. While I was spraying, all of the geese took off, except for any nesting females. I went back a few hours later and still no geese! The next morning the geese were still gone! Later that day I did see two geese swimming. I’m guessing they are probably the mates to the nesting females. I only sprayed on this side of the pond and down to the water since it was so late in the breeding season. I’m concerned that the goslings will have to walk across the sprayed area when leaving their nests for the water. I also want the ducks, swans and blue herons to continue coming back. They are much more enjoyable then

the geese!

  I did the initial spray eight days ago. We have had a lot of rain and sleet since. Only the two geese remain on the pond or across on the shore. There have been a few “fly by” geese. They look like they are going to land but end up flying off. I’m going to spray again in a few days, just to be sure. Around May 4th or 5th the goslings will hatch. Hopefully they all stay on the other side of the pond even after they can fly. I have a lot of the Concentrate left and plan on spraying as needed, especially when the geese come back in September.

  I intend to spray earlier next year so hopefully there won’t be any geese staying for the summer . As soon as I hear them flying over, I am spraying!!


Thanks again!


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